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Foam concrete, also called cellular concrete, is a mix of water, sand and cement in varying proportions, blended with stable preformed foam to produce a flowable foam concrete which is a ideal materials that has a wide range of applications.
The mix with foam means high air content has added into the concrete, which enables foam concrete can be produced in a various densities.
Also, it is typically a self-leveling and compacting material that is more resistant to cracking and shrinkage than standard concrete mixes.

Type of Foam Concrete Equipment

1) Continuous Foam Concrete System, including:
♦ Basic System
♦ All-in-one System
♦ High Lift, Big Capacity System
Used for:

• ground sealing & insulating under timber floored houses
insulating screeds under concrete floors & on roofs
soil stabilization
filling redundant pipes and tanks
trench backfilling
sealing under–runners
annulus grouting
2) CLC Block Plant