Environment Policy

Areas of Focus

1.Consider short-term and long-term costs in comparing product alternatives. Include evaluation of total costs expected during the time a product is owned, including, but not limited to, acquisition, extended warranties, operation, supplies, maintenance, disposal costs and expected lifetime compared to other alternatives
2. Purchase products that are durable, long lasting, reusable or refillable
3. Require that all equipment produced after the adoption of this Policy, when practicable, be compatible with products and services that provide source reduction benefits

Our activity may include

1. Energy-efficient equipment with the most up-to-date energy efficiency functions, including, but not limited to, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.
2. Efficient lighting with energy-efficient equipment
3. Products for which meet Energy Star certification, when practicable. When Energy Star labels are not available, choose energy-efficient products
4. Water-saving products
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