Mesh Welding Machine

Construction Mesh Welding Machine WMW-1200

The production line use for production for construction mesh panel

3.0-5.0mm wire. The whole line is composed of 4 parts, Wire Stand, line wire straighter, main welding machine and mesh cutting machine

1. Main Welding Machine 

a)       For this machine, the line wire feeding from coil automatically, which is more convenient and save the workers quantity
b)       The transformer is our new model and with water cooling system, which makes the using life longer.
c)        Our welding pressure adopts mechanical spring, which save the cost and Maintenance cost is lower than another pneumatic model.
d)       The cross wire is feeding from pre-cut, which adopts step motor driven. And the cross wire will fall one by one.
e)       In order to facilitate the management and control of the quota, set up the electronic counting of the net length of the numerical control device, can control the cutting machine to cut the net, for the length of the network management data is accurate and convenient.
f)         Our control system adopts PLC, touch screen system which makes the operation more convenient.
One steel mesh welding controller is equipped with the transformer. The controller will connect with the touch screen, and we can set the welding current and welding time on the touch screen, which is very convenient. 

Wire Stand & Line Wire Straighter


A.     Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Max Width of mesh 1200mm
Length No limit
Welding points 24
Wire diameter 3.0-5.0mm
Mesh Aperture 50x50-200x200mm for 3.0-4.5mm
75x75-200x200mm for 3.0-5.0mm
Wire material Carbon ≤0.2%, tensile strength≤550MP
 low carbon steel wire
Speed 60-80cross wires/min
Transformer 125KVA×3
Line wire feeding From coil automatically
Cross wire feeding From pre-cut, step motor control
Pressure Mechanical Spring
Welding principle Silicon controlled synchronous controlled resistance welding
Control system PLC control

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