PV Support Bracket Roll Forming Machine

PV Support bracket (Solar Panel Support) Roll Forming Machine 

PV support bracket made by NOVOTEK Roll Forming Machine is a solar mounting support cold roll formed steel Channel that used as solar panel support or constructions for structural. The channel is formed from metal coil strips, and then roll formed by struct channel roll forming machine into an open channel section with lips to provide additional stiffness.

NOVOTEK solar mounting rocks Machine is to form 1.5mm-2.5mm strut channels with required types. The machine is able to produce 2 or 3 or more types of strut channel by adjust the roll forming mould.The standard strut channel sizes are: 41*41, 41*21, and also some customized shapes.

Main Machine of PV Support bracket panel Machine

  1. Roll stand: 26 stations.

  2. Machine structure: pillar stand type

  3. Main power: 30 Kw, variable frequency motor.

  4. Transmission type: gearbox transmission.

  5. Material of the roller: Cr12, quenched, HRC: 56-62

  6. The roller processed by CNC machine with finish machining. The surface adopt finished polishing, the roughness is 0.05mm

  7. Material of the main shaft: 40Cr, quenched, HRB: 225-285

Typical Profile Drawing of Strut Channel Roll Former:

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