CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Novotek is the biggest CZ purlin interchange machine manufacturer in China and is the only supplier that can produce fully automatic type. 

a) Fully automatic type: purlin size change and CZ interchange both are controlled by PLC and operating on touch panel, within 1 minute.

b) Semi-automatic type: purlin size change by press button, CZ interchange change manully (within 10 minutes)

As the leading and biggest C&Z Purlin Machine manufacturer in China, on average we have delivered 180-200 sets Purlin Machines each year in the past 5 years, also we are the only factory to supply fully automatic type in China.

Technical Parameters
Coil thickness (mm)
Max speed (m/min)
Roll stand
Main motor (Kw)
Hydraulic motor, 22
Main shaft (mm)
Ø 100/ 75/ 60
Cutting way
Hydraulic cutting
Cutter material
3 sets
Control system
Size change
PLC control / Press button
CZ interchange
PLC control/ Reverse roller
Standard Shape Profile (also can be customized)

C purlin: A=80-300mm; B=35-80mm; C=10-25mm; T=1.5-3mm
Z purlin: A=120-300mm; B=35-80mm; C=10-25mm; T=1.5-3mm

Video (fully automatic type)
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