Aluminum Paste Production and Storage

Production Process

Storage and Transportation

Our aluminum paste products are not classified as dangerous goods making shipping and storage easier.

Generally aluminum pastes should be store in cool and dry place, ventilation room, insulate fire, heat source, water, sunlight. when storage, please notice as follow:
  • Keep it under sealed condition after using to prevent the dissolvent from volatilizing.
  • Keep it away from water,acid and alkaline to prevent the corrosion reaction,which causes the formation of hydrogen.
  • Keep it in a dry place away from direct sunlight,rain or too high temperatures,The temperature should be kept between 15-25°C
  • Unsealed aluminum may become dry and oxidized over time,so please check properly before using it again
  • Valid period: 6 month
Package and Transportation:
  • Metal Drum with plastic bags inline
  • Handle gently and No acute collision
  • Transport in strict accordance with local transport regulations
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